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ANova Hacks 2019 is a 24-hour hackathon for high school students run by ANova. It will be held starting Friday, March 15th at 6:00pm at Covo in San Francisco. Over the course of the day, students will work in teams of four to design and code a challenging project of their choosing.

Student Hacker Team

The Hacker Experience

Teams can opt to have an ANova mentor who will guide them throughout the day, from generating project ideas and collaborating to implementing those ideas and polishing a final product that will be showcased during the judging process. Prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

This is a great opportunity for our students to not only apply what they have been learning in the classroom, but also be exposed to crucial skills used in industry and have a better understanding of life after high school.

Our Students

At the Spring 2018 ANova Hacks, we welcomed over 50 students from high schools all over the Bay. This diverse group of hackers was composed primarily of students from under-resourced high schools.

ANova Hacks provides the unique opportunity to meet and connect with others while being exposed to cutting-edge technologies used in both industry and academia. This intersectional experience yields new ideas and approaches to traditional problems.

Student Hacker Team
Student Hacker Team

Workshops and Panels

ANova Hacks provides beginner-friendly and intermediate workshops over the course of the hackathon, ranging from general informational college workshops to web development and intro to Python. With Facebook’s support, we will also be offering an Oculus Virtual Reality demo and intro to security workshop.

ANova Hacks aims to cater to each student's needs regardless of their experience, so that by the end of the day, they will have a finished product to show-off to their friends and family.

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Workshops & Demos

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Schedule of ANova Hacks

Workshops and Demos

    Workshop Slides

  • Facebook Security
    Interested in knowing how things you say online stay private? At this workshop, you can learn more about the basics of encryption and how to keep your data private. This workshop is led by a Facebook engineer!
  • Intro to Python (Beginner)
    Intro to Python (Intermediate)
    Come learn about a language named after a comedy troupe. This language is one of the most versatile languages that many students learn as their first language!
  • Databricks
    Come learn how to glean insights from your data! At this workshop, we'll go through how to let the data make decisions for you.
  • Web Development
    Join us at the web design workshop to learn more about the basics of designing your own website. Learn about wireframing and prototyping that will set the foundation for your websites user interface and experience!
  • Facebook Oculus
    Have you ever wanted to try out some Oculus devices but never had the chance? Head over to the Oculus workshop to try out a demo and get some hands on experience with virtual reality!
  • Deploying Your Website
    Do you want to actually host your webpage so that others can see it? Come to this workshop to see how it is all done and get your project ready to submit!
Workshops For ANova Hacks


    Prize Categories

  • Best Social Good
    How can you use code to make your community a better place? Can you identify possible solutions for important social issues that impact the world around you?
    Prize: Xbox One S (sponsored by Microsoft Teals)
  • Best Beginner
    Are you a first-time hacker and/or have never programmed before? We’re looking for beginner teams eager to demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the hackathon in an original project.
    Prize: Polaroid cameras + film (sponsored by Facebook)
  • Best Data Analysis
    How can you use data to convey information in a unique and helpful way? We're looking for projects that make data-driven decisions with Databricks technology!
    Prize: Chromebooks (sponsored by Databricks)
  • Best Education
    Are you a first-time hacker and/or have never programmed before? We’re looking for beginner teams eager to demonstrate what they’ve learned throughout the hackathon in an original project.
    Prize: Herschel backpacks + Hydroflasks (sponsored by Facebook)
  • Best Security (sponsored by Facebook)
    This is a fun security challenge you and your team can work on throughout the course of the hackathon!
    Prize: Amazon Echos (sponsored by Facebook)